Care labels in professional quality

Who made it? How do I treat it? What is it made of? You can easily answer these important customer questions with a professional laundry label. At the same time you fulfill the legal requirements of the textile labeling obligations.

Just upload your logo - or use the text boxes in the configurator to perpetuate information about yourself and about the composition of your textiles in accordance with the regulations for care labels. All care symbols can be selected in the legally prescribed order. If you mention care symbols, all five categories must be used (washing, bleaching, drying, ironing and cleaning). Choose the appropriate care symbol fitting your textiles.
The printed professional care labels made of polyester satin are extremely durable, lightfast, abrasion-resistant and washable up to 60°C. We offer two qualities to choose from. You can design all product versions online from one piece and order directly. More information about the different offered qualities can be found at the bottom of the page.

Configuration tool

Professional care labels - the differences

Care labels Basic

We print your care label black on white on soft satin made of recycled polyester (rPET) in standard quality. The width of your laundry labels is always 35mm, the height is variable and depends on your individual order. The dimensionally stable material is soft and skin friendly. By using a special procedure Basic care labels are hot sealed on all four sides. Therefore, they do not fray.

Care labels Premium

Rather colorful and very elegant? Then choose our premium quality for your laundry labels. We print our satin ribbon in premium quality according to your specifications in all possible colors. Your Premium care label has soft woven edges on the right and left. Above and below the labels are hot sealed each by itself and can not fray. What size shall it be? The height is determined by yourself, the width is set to 35mm.