Design Polynera® woven labels

With our woven labels made of fine synthetic fibre yarns, detailed logos, fonts and motifs come into their own. They can be used in many different ways. Thanks to softly woven edges at the top and bottom, Polynera Classic and Premium labels can be sewn into clothing without hesitation, e.g. as name labels. They are also an attractive eye-catcher as professional labels for your collections or as handmade labels for homemade products.

Easily design your labels online. With our super-exact configurator, woven labels come to your home the way you imagined them. Polynera are washable up to 60°C, colourfast and certified pollutant-free.

* Slight color deviations are still possible due to monitor settings

Configuration tool

Polynera® - The differences

Polynera Classic

We weave your self-designed Polynera Classic labels on modern looms in plain weave. This creates a harmonious colour melange of warp and weft threads. You get your woven labels rolled up to be cut by yourself. So that the side edges do not fray, we recommend sewing them upside down. We already add a sewing margin of 7mm. The woven labels are 12mm high. The length of your label is variable. Minimum order quantity is 1 piece.

Polynera Premium

Polynera Premium are popular labels for handmade products - rich colours and detailed motifs come into their own here. They have a fixed size of 15x60 mm. They are heat-sealed at the side edges and can be sewn on without an overlay. Since Polynera woven labels also look beautiful from the back (the colours here appear inverted), they can also be sewn into the seam as little flags. Minimum order quantity is 50 pieces.

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