Brown cord

Accessories for hang tags/pendants: cords made from 100% cotton, waxed, Ø 1mm, length 25cm
as of 1 item, any number of items may be ordered
Color: Brown

Item number 881

Cords and safety pins perfectly coordinated for your hang tags

Hangtags made of our special materials are extraordinary and versatile eyecatchers for very special products. The type of fixture may be a small detail, but it is very important when it comes to making a high-quality overall impression. We offer perfect accessories to ensure that the hang tags – and also your product – make an impact. Black safety pins and waxed cotton cords uncolored and with colors brown and black provide a harmonious complement to your hang tags and emphasize the quality of your product. We are able to offer both at a particularly cost-effective price and in any quantity.

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