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10 "Anchor" artificial leather labels

Rectangular artificial leather labels made from polyurethane with no hazardous substances, suitable as sew-on label for handmade items, vegan.

Size: 15 x 54mm, rectangular format
Material: 100% polyurethane (vegan)
For sewn application, 4 holes (Ø 1.5mm)
Free from hazardous substances, Made in Germany
Available for immediate delivery

Item number 8103

Laser-engraved Labels 2Go ideal for all crafters

"Anchor" sew-on label with two applied hearts facing opposite directions, with a wonderful hand-lettered design. 15 x 54mm made from high-quality artificial leather and free from hazardous substances in accordance with REACH (and also vegan). This clothing label is particular suitable for wrapping on an edge, for example, on a knitted or sewn scarf. Thanks to the two pre-punched holes on each side, this label can quickly be secured by hand with just a few stitches and can also be machine-washed.

The set contains 10 laser-engraved sewn-on labels made from artificial leather.

Would you like to design your Corinera clothing labels yourself, according to your own needs? You can do this using our configuration tool for laser-engraved labels and hang tags.