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Plant leather

Cactus leather for unique and sustainable labels

Do you value sustainability, uncomplicated handling and a stylish look? Then our new cactus leather is exactly the right material for your leather labels. Especially optimized for the laser engraving of our labels, fine lines and writings also come into its own on the vegan plant leather made of Fig cacti. Anyone who has used our artificial leather for their labels will find that the cactus leather is a little thicker and more stable. A feature that appears especially when you order your labels with holes and want to sew them on by hand.

To inspire you, we have put together some design templates for you. The offer is constantly being expanded, just drop by again later.

Our cactus leather

Our cactus leather labels are abrasion-resistant and can be machine washed at up to 40° C. The cactus leather is a vegetable leather that is made from the leaves of cacti that grow in dry areas and need only a little water. An additional watering is not required. The tire leaves of the Fig cactus are cleaned after cutting and then dried in the sun. The cactus plant remains intact in the "harvest", renewable leaves can always be harvested by the same plant. Other parts of the plant are used as food. A cactus plant can be used in the plantation for up to 8 years. Cacti are natural carbon storage and contribute to healthy soils in the growing areas. The drying process takes place outdoors.

The back of your cactus leather label is cream-colored. The labels are approx. 1.1 mm thick.

Our cactus leather has been tested according to the requirements of the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and DIN EN 71-3 by the Bremen Environmental Institute. It corresponds to the specification of product class I (articles for babies and small children). You can find more information about our certificates here.

In our configurator you will find other vegan materials. We have put together information on FloraPap, cork and artificial leather on our material information pages.

Individual fixation

To easily fix your label before sewing on, we recommend the use of a textile fixing pen. You can find further suitable accessories for your cactus leather labels in our accessory area for labels and name badges. But you can also select and add it directly in the configurator.

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Get inspired

Studded cactus leather label

Studded cactus leather label

Label with text and motif to wrap around the edge, 2 large holes, suitable for attachment with screw rivets.

Cactus leather label \"Upcycling\"

Cactus leather label "Upcycling"

Square label with text and heart cutout, laser engraved, 4 holes for hand sewing

Cactus leather hangtag

Cactus leather hangtag

Laser engraved with text and cactus motif, 1 large hole for hanging. Simply adjust in the configurator.