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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find the answers to your questions.

Material samples
Can I get material samples?
Yes! We're happy to send you free generic material samples (with random motives) of our products. Let us know your full postal address via e-mail, the desired product and optionally the desired combination of font and background colour. Or just contact us.
Can I get samples with my own logo?
Our preview shows exactly how we will produce your labels. It serves as a sample for all of our products. Together with a general material sample, which we will send for free on request via e-mail, you get a very precise idea of how your labels will look like.

With our products Corinera® and Satinera®, you can place orders with your own logo starting from 1 piece, from a price of $11.95.

Every time you upload your own logo for our woven products Cottonera® and Polynera®, it is newly set up and optimized for the loom . For this service we charge a setup fee of $23.95. The minimum quantity of Cottonera® labels is 25 pieces starting from $11.95, of Polynera® labels it is 50 pieces from $23.95.

Our professional labels Flexinera® have a minimum order quantity of 500 pieces starting from $143.95 (all prices listed incl. VAT.).

COTTONERA® (woven cotton textile labels)
What sizes are available?
We weave labels in the most common bandwith (=height) of 3/8" (10mm), 5/8" (15mm) and 1" (25mm).
How long are the name tags?
The length of Cottonera® Classic and Premium labels or ribbons depends on the desired text or logo length. Up to 10cm length we weave with standard prices. For longer labels we calculate an extra length surcharge.
In addition to the desired text or logo we weave automatically an edge on both sides.
Cottonera® Classic labels have an edge of 8mm per side.
Cottonera® Premium rolled up labels have an edge of 7mm on both sides of the text in each repeat.
Cottonera® Premium labels with end fold have a fixed size of 15x60mm. Within the 60mm a margin of 5mm per side is reserved, which can not be used for text or logo. Additional to the length of 60mm on both sides there are end folds of 7mm.

How many colours do we provide?
You can select two colours:
  • the colour of the tape
  • the font colour
Normally all tapes included in an order have the same tape colour and the same font colour.
Alternatively you can also select a set of colours (see below). You can find our range of colours in the nametape assistant in the section "colours". Unfortunately, it is not possible to use more than one font colour on each tape.
What is a colourset?
With Cottonera® Classic you also have the option of choosing a colour set instead of selecting one tape colour and one font colour.
Colour sets are combined by us from different tape and font colours. We offer two colour sets, a bright one (composed of bright tape colours) and a dark one (with dark tape colours).
It is not possible to change the colour combinations selected by us. If you can't decide what colours are best for you, try our colour set. Simply choose the option "Colour set" in the nametape assistant at Cottonera® Classic in the ection "colours".
What limitations are there?
  • Cottonera® Classic nametapes with a size of 1" (25 mm) can only be woven with bright tape colours.
  • Express tapes (Diolen tapes) can only be woven to a size of 3/8" (10 mm) with red or blue font and white tape colour.
  • Cottonera ® Basic cotton tapes at a special price can only be woven to a size of 3/8" (10 mm) with red font colour and white tape colour in one special style (Font number 3). Symbols are not possible.
  • Cottonera® Premium can only be woven in a bandwith of 15mm. Coloursets and care symbols are not possible. Cottonera® Premium with end fold can be woven only in a fixes size of 15x60mm.
How are DORTEX nametapes made?
DORTEX nametapes are a German product. They are specially woven at our production sites with the text or logo you have ordered. The text and the motifs are woven in, not printed. As a result, our tapes offer high wearing comfort. For the production of Cottonera® Classic have a look at our video ».
Is it possible to get the bands on a roll?
With Cottonera® Classic you will receive separate nametags, because our looms weave 52 tapes in parallel. If you order 50 tapes, you will receive 52 individual name tapes. In principle, we produce 4% more to compensate for production tolerances.
If you order 100 tapes, you will receive 52 tapes below each other and each two times in a row containing your desired label. Between the labels we weave marks showing where the labels can be separated with scissors. Every nametag has the additional fabric margin of 8mm on both sides.

With Cottonera® Premium rolled up we also weave additional labels to compensate for small weaving errors. E.g. if you order 50 nametaps you will receive 56 labels. Every nametag with an additional fabric margin of 7mm on both sides.

With our professional cotton tapes Cottonera® Premium with end fold we ensure the consistently high quality of the labels by manual sorting at the end of the production process. The number of additional labels is therefore variable.
Can the tapes be washed at hot temperatures?

Cottonera® Classic:

White or black band, red, blue, black and green font colour are boil-proof according to DIN 54000.
All other tape and font colours are heat-resistant up to 60° C according to DIN 54000 ff. Based on our experience, no problems have been seen up to a temperature of 95°C.

Cottonera® Premium:

All font and back colours are washable up to 60°C according to DIN EN ISO 20105.
Why is it not possible to order smaller quantities?
Cottonera® Classic:
We are only able to offer individual name tapes at such inexpensive prices because our looms weave 50 bands in parallel.
As a result, we can only produce quantities of 50, 100, 200 bands and so on. Only our 25 mm loom weaves fewer tapes in parallel.
That is why 30 tapes of one version are possible in this size.

Cottonera® Premium:
The development of textile labels, which makes a combination of 100% cotton and modern / high-resolution weaving technology possible, is another proof of the quality of "Made in Germany".
Especially with our premium labels made of cotton with end fold, a consistently high quality is guaranteed only by a high proportion of manual work. Therefore, we achieve a balanced price-performance ratio only with a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces.

FLEXINERA® (professional labels)
Are Flexinera® flexible?
No. Our Flexinera® have been given their name due to the flexible ordering options available. Folds, size and colours can be freely chosen.
What technical data do Flexinera® have?
The various possible configurations of our Flexinera® are always displayed in the webshop.

We will constantly optimise our Flexinera® and ensure that they use the very latest modern weaving technique.
The weaving technique used and all technical data may therefore change at any time.
What is the difference compared to the other Dortex products?
We weave our Flexinera® on large wide weaving looms on which we can produce variable sizes, folds and up to 6 colours per label.

Although the minimum order quantity of 500 units is much higher than with our other products, in return for this the prices per label are much cheaper when larger quantities are ordered.
Why are Flexinera so inexpensive despite being made in Germany?
We are particularly proud of this point!

Thanks to our globally unique technology, we manage to make sure that your order goes from the webshop directly to the weaving loom after undergoing a brief check. We thus save any unnecessary e-mail traffic, the expensive logo equipment for the weaving loom as a result of having a designer and the production of an original pattern.

What this means for you is:

a simple ordering process, a short delivery time and a cheap price.

Nowadays many production operations are unfortunately relocating from Germany to cheaper countries in the Middle and Far East. We are bucking the trend and offer the best value for money despite our products being made in Germany.

How accurate are the colour specifications in the webshop?
Our Flexinera® yarns were each assigned manually by specially trained staff at a colour temperature of between around 5500°K (Kelvin) to 7500°K to the corresponding Pantone values.

The yarns which are not listed in Pantone are our own colours.
The RGB values which we use to visualise the selected yarns and the preview image were read by our Flexinera® yarns at 6500°K with an optical spectrometer and manually optimised.

Please note that what is shown on the monitor is heavily dependent upon the configuration you use.

In the woven label it is possible that yarns located next to one another or behind one another will have an influence on the colour.
In the case of a white label with a red logo, the red yarn is behind the white yarn and thus gives a slight red tinge to the background.
What should I note when selecting the yarn?
Once you have uploaded your logo, we use the RGB values contained in the logo to calculate the number of yarn colours for your label and recommend yarn colours for you that are as similar as possible to the colours of your logo.

You can change the recommended colours at the touch of a button: first of all we show you the 15 most similar yarn colours and, if you click on "All colours", we will show you our entire yarn range.

Your label can consist of 2-6 yarn colours.

Each additional yarn will make your label slightly stronger and thicker.

If more yarn colours are suggested to you than your logo actually has, this means that your template is fuzzy or features anti-aliasing. In this case, it is often helpful to reduce the number of yarn colours to the number of colours you want.

How exactly is my logo produced?
In general, our preview image shows you exactly how we will weave your labels.

However, our Flexinera® are not prints on paper, but extremely vivid woven labels which can easily react to external influences.
It is only natural that there may be very small discrepancies in the aspect ratios of your logo. These occur in particular if your logo includes a large number of changes of colour and details in a small space.

The extremely small discrepancies can generally not be seen with the naked eye. However, if your logo contains a circle in combination with fine details or lots of changes of colour, a proportional discrepancy may be visible.

What properties should my template have?
You will obtain the best result with a vector graphic (PDF, PS, PSD, EPS, AI, WMF, EMF or XCF) . Alternatively, you can also use a sharp image file (JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, TIFF, GIF or GIFF) with the highest possible resolution. These files can also be uploaded in a zipped format. File sizes up to 50 MB are possible.

As we calculate the number and colour of the yarns on the basis of the colours of your template, your template should contain no more than 6 colours.
Many image files have hundreds of different colours at the edges of the motif or the writing, which produces a softer image on the screen (anti-aliasing). This effect can lead to an inferior result with our Flexinera.
As JPG files generally always contain anti-aliasing, we advise you against using this type of file if possible.

CORINERA® (laser engraved labels)
What can I use Corinera® labels for?
Whether you use them as a finishing touch on clothing, jackets, caps, handbags or as a key tag, Corinera® are a real highlight wherever they are used.
What material properties do Corinera® have?

Labels made of natural leather

We use leather from young German bulls which is tanned exclusively with plant and mineral essences. Corinera® natural leather labels are therefore 100% natural.
Because we use complete skins, which differ within the different regions of the body of the bull in color, thickness and fat and the skin of each animal to each other also differs greatly in these factors, it is ensured that each label looks different and thus receives its individual charm.

Because it is a pure natural product, the labels react to external influences with visible changes. We do not recommend machine washing and ironing. For the optimal care of your beautiful natural leather labels, we recommend using only leather grease.

The shape of the labels is cut with the laser, the illustrations are laser-engraved. Corinera® labels made of natural leather are approx. 1.2 mm thick.

Labels made of synthtic leather

Instead of the PVC coating, this modern artificial leather consists of 100% polyurethane , therefore they are non-toxic and REACH-compliant.
This latest generation of soft polyurethane imitation leather has a traditional leather grain with a classical surface boasting soft nappa quality.

Our synthetic leather labels are abrasion-resistant, ironproof and can be washed up to 60° C without material alteration.

The shape of the labels is cut with the laser, the illustrations are laser-engraved. Corinera® labels made of synthetic leather are approx. 0.8 mm thick.

Labels made of poplar timber

Our Corinera® timber labels are made of poplar plywood of the best quality class. The poplar wood is glued free of harmful substances and thus optimized for use indoors.

The plywood we use is natural and react to external influences with visible changes. We do not recommend machine washing and ironing.

The shape of the labels is cut with the laser, the illustrations are laser-engraved. Corinera® labels made of poplar timber are approx. 3mm thick.

At the edges and engraved surfaces arises slight flame tracks which make up the charm of our timber labels.

Labels made of SnapPap

SnapPap is a robust mixture of cellulose and latex. This modern material is tear-resistant and abrasion-resistant. If the engraving extends to the edge, this area is somewhat less resistant to tearing.

Machine washing, tumble drying or crumpling of the labels creates a nice vintage look. The washing can shrink the labels by only approx 2%. The labels are washable up to 60° C (without fabric softener) and iron-proof. If desired, the labels can also be smoothed again by ironing the wet label with steam.

The shape of the labels is cut with the laser, the illustrations are laser-engraved. Corinera® labels made of SnapPap are 0,55mm thick.
What shape and size can my label have?
You can adjust the height and width you want precisely to the nearest 1 mm in the Corinera® configurator. You are shown the minimum and maximum side lengths in the configurator at all times.

In addition, we offer you various combinations of holes and shapes which are suitable for a wide range of intended uses. This means that our Corinera® are suitable for a great variety of applications. If you have an idea for a shape and hole combination which we do not yet offer, then please feel free to contact us. We are always keen to expand our range.

Can I use a logo of my own?
Yes! Just give it a try and upload your own logo. Our preview image always shows you exactly how we will produce your Corinera®.

Immediately after uploading your logo, you can select between five different types of presentation in form of black / white gradations (20-80%). The gradations make it possible to optimize the implementation of multi-colored templates and even photos can be displayed.

SATINERA® (printed satin tapes)
How do I create an image file for gift ribbons or satin labels?
You will obtain the best result with a vector graphic (PDF, PS, PSD, EPS, AI, WMF, EMF or XCF) . Alternatively, you can also use a sharp image file (JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, TIFF, GIF or GIFF) with the highest possible resolution. File sizes up to 50 MB are possible.
If your template has a coloured background, make sure that no gaps appear at the edges and at the points where motifs merge. You can vary the motif width after you have uploaded your file in the image processing options.
Can I store my templates for later orders in my customer account?
We do not save the image files for Satinera gift ribbons and individual labels.
Are Satinera® washable?
Satinera® satin tapes and labels are washable, lightfast and abrasion-resistant.
Is it possible to iron on Satinera® individual satin labels?
No, this is not possible. But they can easily be sewn on or attached with our NameFix.
My logo is not well implemented
Our Satinera® labels and ribbons are printed on one side with sublimation inks. The printing on woven satin ribbons offers a much higher resolution than weaving, but should not be confused with a print on paper.

To obtain a good result, please note the following instructions:

  • The resolution should be at least 360 dpi

  • Any writing should be at least 2 mm in size so that it is legible

  • The line width of details should be at least 0.3 mm

  • Frames or horizontal lines should have at least 1mm distance from the woven top and bottom edges or should be at least 1mm thick

  • Fine bright structures or fonts on dark background should be as strong as possible, so details does not blur while printing

We transfer your template exactly on our Satinera with consideration of your selected image processing options in the shop. The appearance of the finished Satinera® will match the quality of your file.

Our preview shows exactly how your Satinera® labels and ribbons will be woven

Properties of DORTEX textile labels
What material are DORTEX textile labels made from?

Cottonera® (cotton tapes):

Our cotton tapes are made exclusively from high-quality yarns and are subject to constant monitoring.
We only use materials certified according to the regulations of Oeko-Tex 100 Standard. 100% cotton fine twine, upper Egyptian, 1A long stack, hand harvested, combed.
White and black band: Free of heavy metals, chlorine-free bleached without optical brighteners, electronically cleaned, free of pesticides and herbicides.
All other tape and font colours: Unencumbered by heavy metals, formaldehyde-free; anti-toxic according to the state of the art, dyed to the best of our knowledge with environmentally friendly, skin-friendly colours, safely compostable – these are the trademark of our pollutant-free textiles.
All Cottonera® yarns are regularly tested. Cottonera® Classic yarns are also suitable in accordance with EN 71-3 for the manufacture of children's toys.

As a special feature of Cottonera® Premium the yarns for the color "nature" are made of absolutely untreated, unbleached Egyptian cotton. The colour nuance will always change slightly due to the external influences in nature. The slightly yellowish color is therefore a quality proof for 100% naturalness and these nametags are especially suitable for the labeling of natural products or products with discreet, natural colours.

Polynera® (made of Polyester yarn):

Polynera® are woven labels which are woven on a needle loom from polyester yarn and are made in Germany. The special weaving process allows great flexibility when it comes to fonts and symbols.
The quality of the material and the weaving process produces bold, solid colours for the label. This is why Polynera® appear more brightly coloured than our Cottonera®.
The top and bottom edges of our Polynera® are woven (not hot cut), which means that the laundry labels are sleek and do not have any hard edges.
Polynera® are boil-proof, colour-fast and non-toxic.

Satinera® (Printed satin tapes):

The tape material of our printed satin tapes consists of double face satin ribbon with a woven (not cut) upper and lower edge. It is therefore particularly soft and kind to the skin. The weaving is done at a German production facility from pollution-free polyester yarns in accordance with the provisions of Ökotex 100. It has a white, very smooth and silkily shimmering surface. The tape width is 15 mm.

Flexinera® (made of Polyester yarn):

We weave our Flexinera® in Germany on wide weaving looms from polyester yarn. Thanks to a weaving technique that has been developed specifically for our Flexinera®, we get a particularly dense structure, brilliant colours and very solid labels.
All four edges of our Flexinera® with a fold in the middle are cut hot and therefore cannot fray. In the case of our Flexinera® with an end fold, two edges are cut hot in each case and two edges have an end fold.
Flexinera® are boil-proof, colour-fast and non-toxic.

Express tapes:

Our express tapes are made from 100% Diolen (polyester).

Care labels
What do the different laundry symbols and care symbols mean?
You will find an overview of the laundry symbols and care symbols in the order assistant under "Labelling". You can get an explanation for each symbol by moving your mouse over the corresponding laundry symbol or care symbol.
Can I also order care labels with my logo?
Yes, first upload your logo in the customer section. Your logo will then be available just like a standard motif under the "Motif" dropdown menu. If after you have inserted your motif it slides down over the care symbols, enter a few spaces before the text.
How can I change the position of text and laundry symbols?
If necessary, insert spaces before or after the text on the "Labelling" menu. It is possible that there may only be laundry symbols or care symbols and no other text on one line. By entering spaces in the empty line, you can change the position of the laundry symbols and care symbols.

Woven textile labels with your own logo or motif
Can you weave my logo onto textile labels?
Yes, this can be done particularly cheaply as a motif in one colour woven on cotton tape (Cottonera® Classic), polyester tape (Polynera®) or Diolen, with a batch starting from 30 units depending on the label height.
Modern weaving technique and 100% cotton are united with our Cottonera® Premium. Professional woven labels with a nice looking backside rolled up or already with an end fold, starting from 50 units.
Also with professional quality in variable sizes, folds and up to 6 colours per label made from polyester yarns (Flexinera®). Batch starting from 500 units offering the best value for money despite being made in Germany.
Can my logo also be woven in many different colours?
On Flexinera with a globally unique technique on wide weaving looms in lots of different versions with up to 6 colours per label.

You may also like our individual labels made from printed satin tape. Our Satinera can be printed in many different colours. Minimum order quantity: 1 unit.
How can I choose another colour for my logo?
Once you have uploaded your logo, it initially appears on the screen black on a white background. On the Colour selection dropdown menu in the order assistant, you can then choose colours for the motif or the font under "Font colours", and for the fabric tape under "Tape colours". If you are unsure, try out different combinations or allow us to suggest a colour set for you.
How can I edit my logo or motif later on?
You can retrieve the motifs which are stored in your customer account at any time, edit them or use them for an order. To do this, select the item "Upload, display or edit own logos" once you have logged into your customer account.

Please note that each motif is only optimised for one tape width (=label height) (10, 15 or 25 mm). A motif which is uploaded for a tape width of 10 mm can also be woven onto a tape which is 15 or 25 mm wide. However, it will look smaller there.

A motif which is uploaded for a tape width of 25 mm can also be woven onto tapes which are 10 or 15 mm wide. However, it is then possible that it will be cut off slightly at the top and bottom.

If you order different tape widths and you want your logo to have the optimum look on each one of them, you must upload your logo separately for each tape width. The set-up charge will then also be levied several times.

When does the set-up charge have to be paid?
The first time that you order a textile label with one of your motifs, the set-up charge for this motif is incurred once. With further follow-up orders, you can use your motif like a standard motif without a set-up charge.
Can my logo be combined with a standard font?
To do this, in the nametape assistant choose a style template with the font you want and then insert your previously uploaded and saved logo as the motif. Then enter the text you want under the menu item "Labelling". If the text moves across your motif, enter a few spaces at the start.
Can I also combine my logo with care symbols?
If you want to create a laundry label with your logo and care symbols, first go to the left-hand side and select the item Care labels. Here you should select a style template and in the "Labelling" section you should select the care symbols you want. In the next step, you can select a motif. As soon as you have uploaded your own logos/motifs as a registered user, they are available for you to select and can be used for your laundry labels.
Can I reorder textile labels with my logo?
This is possible at any time. Your personal motifs remain saved in your customer account. No new set-up charge is levied if you place any new orders.
My logo is cut off when it is inserted.
Have you perhaps chosen another label height when uploading your motif? A logo which was uploaded, for example, for a label with a tape width of 25 mm will possibly not fit on a narrower label. Please change the label height and save the label again with a different name. Please note: Our weaving looms are each optimised for different tape widths. This is why the set-up charge is levied once for the production of different tape widths for each label height.
My logo is not well implemented
With our woven textile labels, your logo is not printed on, but is instead woven in. We are of course unable to weave tiny little details.

However, our special image editing programs are optimised for converting your image template perfectly into templates for weaving looms.

To obtain a good result, please note the following instructions:

  • Any writing should be at least 2 mm in size so that it is legible.

  • The line width of details should be at least 0.3 mm.

  • We weave in monochrome. If your template is in several colours and is not converted as you wish by our software, please convert your logo template into a black-and-white image before you upload it.

Do you see a pattern of small dots in areas of your logo?

This is down to the weaving technique. The weaving thread that produces your motif has to be tied off at regular intervals to ensure that it remains firmly connected to the label.
We already reproduce this effect in our preview image in the webshop so that you get the most realistic possible impression of the result.

Attachment options
What attachment options are there?
Our nametapes
  • can be sewn in.
    Therefore we weave our Cottonera labels on the left and on the right side with an edge for sewing in, which should be folded while sewing. Our Polynera labels are cut hot on the left and on the right side. Therefore they cannot fray and they can be sewn in without being folded.
  • can be ironed on (only Cottonera).
    Therefore you have to order our Cottonera labels with coating for ironing. (+ $3.95).
  • can be attached by using NameFix.
    You can order our patented NameFix plastic plugs additionally to the labels.
    YoutTube-LogoOur video shows you how easy it is to do »
How are labels ironed on?
The iron must be sufficiently hot.
To iron on the tapes, you have to press a heated iron (about 200 ° C) on setting "cotton" (*) without steam heavily on top of the tapes for least 9 seconds.
Place the name label facing upwards in its correct position and press it into the fabric using the iron with all your strength, moving it slightly back and forth. As you do this, count slowly from 1 to 10. In sensitive cases, place a damp cloth between the iron and name label to protect the material from excessive heat. When working with a protective cloth, increase the contact time to approximately 20 seconds. On elastic, knitted fabrics, it is only possible to make a secure attachment if the basic material is stretched. Wrinkles are created in the relaxed state. At this point, leave the label to cool and do not touch it! Should nametapes come loose in the wash they can be attached again by repeating the ironing process. Ironing instructions in video

Customer account and order history
What advantages do I have if I register as a customer?
If you order several times from us, you will not have to re-enter your address details and payment method every time. Most importantly: We store your list of orders for you, so you can easily keep track of your orders and easily re-order previous items.
In your customer account, you can also save an unlimited number of your own motifs and logos. These are then also available for later orders.
Is my personal data secure?
Your data is only used for the purpose of order processing and will not be shown to any third party. You can find more information about this in our privacy policy.
If I forgot my keyword ...
This is no problem. Simply click on the corresponding link on the login page and we will send a new password to your e-mail address. This allows you to log in using this password. The password can then easily be changed in the customer account area.

Order process and shipping
When will I receive my textile labels or gift ribbons?
On our website you can view your order in the "Order tracking" section. There, you can see the process status for each item in your order. If you are registered as a customer, this can be done quickly and easily in the customer area.
How long is the delivery time?
In your basket and order confirmation, you will receive more details about each item. Our production team does not work at weekends and on public holidays.

We cannot accurately predict the delivery time for woven tapes because orders with the same colour combination are amassed in production until there is a sufficient quantity of them. In the case of rare colour combinations, the delivery time will generally be longer; with more common combinations such as red on white or blue on white, the delivery time is generally shorter. However, you may also be lucky and the colour combination of your order may be processed 5 minutes after your order is received.

What are Express labels?
Express labels are woven from Diolen yarn (polyester) on a high speed air jet loom made by the Dornier Company. This is so fast that Diolen labels ordered by noon can be usually be produced on the next working day.
How are the textile labels and satin tapes shipped?
Generally, we send the tapes as a letter. As a result, the shipping costs are kept low and you must not be at home when the delivery is made. Only very large quantities are delivered in a package.
How much does shipping cost?
As we send the nametapes in the form of a letter, we are able to pass on the low costs to you.
For postage and packaging, we charge worldwide $2.50.
Orders worth $60.00 or more we deliver free-of-charge.
How and when do I pay?
If you have not chosen another form of payment (direct debit, PayPal, credit card, advance payment), we provide the tapes with an invoice. You only have to pay the invoice amount when you receive the goods and have checked them. You are also entitled to send them back to us within 2 weeks without paying. This DORTEX warranty is quite unique for individually manufactured goods. However, please note that we are only able to take back goods for orders of max.
Which countries do you deliver to?
We deliver to all countries on earth.
As a payment method, international customers can choose credit card payment (Visa, Mastercard, AmEx) or PayPal.
Is it easy to re-order?
You should save our e-mails with order confirmation in your e-mail client, as this allows you to instantly view this previous order using the link provided.
From here you can open the order wizard, where you can still change items and then order.
It is also possible to do the same by entering the order number and your e-mail address in the "Tracking" section.
It is even easier if you have registered as a customer. Then all you have to do is log in and select the order.
I did not receive an order confirmation
There are three possible reasons for this:
  • Our e-mail is in your spam-folder. Please look there!
  • You entered the wrong e-mail address
  • Your e-mail provider is listed in a black list of spam deliverers
If you are unsure whether your order has reached us, please contact us.

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