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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here you will find answers to the questions you have always wanted to ask.

General material samples
Is it possible to receive general material samples?

Yes! We would be happy to send a free collection of general material samples of our products (with random texts/images). Simply send an email with your full mailing address, the desired product and, if required, the desired combination of font and tape color. Or simply contact us.

Is it possible to get samples with my own logo?

Our preview image shows exactly how we will produce your labels. It acts as sample for all products. In conjunction with a general material sample that can be requested by email and that we would be happy to send to anywhere in the world, you can thus get a very good impression of what your labels will look like.

When it comes to our Corinera and Satinera products, it is possible to order labels with your own logo, as of 1 item, at a price of $11.95 .

With our woven Cottonera and Polynera products, your logo will be set up and optimized for the loom each time it is uploaded or the image cut-out is changed in the configuration tool. For this service, we charge a set-up fee of $23.95. The minimum order quantity for Cottonera is 25 items as of $11.95, for Polynera 50 items as of $23.95.

For our professional Flexinera labels, the minimum order quantity is 500 items as of $143.95 (all prices given with VAT included).

COTTONERA® (woven cotton labels)
Which widths are available?

Our Cottonera woven labels can be ordered in the most popular widths, 10mm, 15mm and 25mm width (=height).

How long are the labels/tapes?

The length of the labels or tapes in the Cottonera Classic and Premium options will depend on the desired text or logo length. Up to a length of 100mm, we are able to weave at the standard rate. For longer labels, we apply a supplement for overlong items. In addition to the desired text and logo, we include an edge to the left and right for sewing.

For the Cottonera Classic, we include an edge of 8mm on each side. For the rolled Cottonera Premium, we include an edge of 7mm on each side for each repeat.

Our Cottonera Premium with end fold has fixed sizes of 15 x 60mm or 25 x 60mm. Within the 60mm, there is a 5mm edge reserved on the left and right that cannot be woven with text or a logo. The end fold of 7mm on each side is added to the length of 60mm.

How many colors may be included in my fabric label?

You can choose two colors:

  • The color you want the tape to have (background color).
  • The color you want the text/image to have (font color, weave color).

All fabric labels of an order will, as standard, have the same tape and font color. But you may also choose a color set (see next section)
The established color combinations of the two sets "Light" and "Dark" can be found in the Cottonera configuration tool, in the "Colors" menu item, by clicking on the Info button for color sets.

What is a color set?

For Cottonera Classic, it is possible to choose a color set instead of using the same tape and font color for all name tapes. Color sets are combinations of different tape and font colors that have been compiled by us for your convenience. We offer two color sets, a set "Light" (consisting of light tape colors) and a set "Dark" (with dark tape colors). It is not possible to change the color combinations that we have selected. The font colors are chosen from our full repertoire to match the various tape colors and reflect the colors most frequently selected by our customers.

If you can't decide what color to choose, why not simply choose a color set. If you would like a variety of woven label colors, then a color set is often the best solution. Simply choose the "Color set" option in the "Colors" menu item of the Cottonera Classic configuration tool. Clicking on the info button will immediately show you the color combinations available and what these will look like with your chosen text.

What restrictions are in place?
  • Cottonera Classic cotton tapes in the width 25mm can only be woven with light tape colors or the light color set.
  • Cottonera Basic laundry name tapes available at a preferential price, can only be produced in the width 10mm with a red font on white background, and with printed letters. Motifs are also not possible
  • Cottonera Premium is only available in the widths 15mm and 25mm. Color sets are not possible. Cottonera Premium with end fold is only available in the fixed sizes 15 x 60mm and 25 x 60mm.
Why can't I order smaller quantities?

For Cottonera Classic:

We are able to offer such cost-effective customized name tapes because our looms are able to weave 50 tapes simultaneously at any one time. For this reason, we are only able to manufacture 50, 100, 200 items etc. Only our 25mm loom is able to weave fewer fabric labels simultaneously. For this reason, a quantity of 30 labels of any given type is possible.

For Cottonera Premium:

The development of textile labels that make it possible to combine 100% cotton with modern/high-resolution weaving technology is further proof of the quality of „Made in Germany“. Especially when it comes to our Premium cotton labels with end fold, a consistent high level of quality can only be ensured by a high proportion of manual work. For this reason, it is only possible to reach a balanced cost-performance ratio as of a minimum order quantity of 50 items.

How are DORTEX name tapes made?

DORTEX name tapes are a German product. They are woven in our production facilities, specifically for you and featuring the lettering you have ordered. The text and motifs are not embroidered after the tape is made, but are instead woven into the tape. As a result, our tapes and lettering are completely durable and offer high wearing comfort.

Take a look at our Cottonera Classic Video.

Can I order labels/tape on a roll?

When ordering Cottonera Classic, you receive individual labels since our looms are able to weave 52 tapes in parallel. If you order 50 labels, you will receive 52 individual name tapes. If you order 100 name labels, you will receive 52 labels, each of which will have your desired woven label featured twice. We weave cutting lines between the labels to show where you can cut the labels with scissors. Each label has an additional sewing edge of 8mm to the left and right of your desired lettering. We generally produce 4% more than necessary, to accommodate tolerances in production.

With the rolled Cottonera Premium, we also weave a number of additional items in order to account for any minor weaving faults. So, when ordering 50 items, you will receive, for example, 56 items. Each label has an additional sewing edge of 7mm to the left and right of your desired woven content.

With our professional labels made from cotton, the Cottonera Premium with end fold, we carry out manual sorting at the end of the production process to ensure the consistent high quality of the labels. The quantity of additional labels is thus variable.

Are the laundry labels boil-proof?

For Cottonera Classic:

With white or black tape, and red, blue, black or green font, they are boil-proof according to DIN EN ISO 3758. All other tape and font colors are wash-proof up to 60°C in accordance with DIN 54000ff. Experience has shown that even temperatures of 95°C have no effect.

For Cottonera Premium:

All font and tape colors are wash-proof up to 60°C in accordance with DIN EN ISO 20105.

POLYNERA® (woven labels)
What size do my labels have?

In contrast to our cotton labels (Cottonera) our woven labels Polynera have a fixed size of 15mm height and 60mm length (15 x 60mm).

How many colors may be included in my woven label?

You can choose two colors:

  • The color you want the tape to have (background color).
  • The color you want the text/image to have (font color, weave color).

As standard, all woven labels of an order will have the same font and tape color.

If you do not want to commit yourself, you can also choose a color set. The established color combinations of the two sets "Colored" and "Classic" can be found in the Polynera configuration tool in the menu item "Colors", by clicking on the info button for color sets.

Are Polynera woven labels washable?

Our Polynera name labels are boil-proof, color-fast and certified as guaranted free of hazardous substances.

How soft are woven Polynera labels?

The upper and lower edges of our Polynera labels are woven and therefore soft and pliable. The edges on the left and right are not so hard like the hot-cut edges of other producers.

What are the differences between our woven labels Cottonera and Polynera?

Polynera are textile labels made of polyester threads which are woven with an other weaving technic (needle loom) than Cottonera labels (shuttle loom). Cottonera is made only of cotton.

Cottonera Polynera
Material: 100% cotton 100% polyester
Size: Optionally in 10,15 and 25mm height, the length is variable. fixed 15x60mm
Edges: The upper and lower edges are woven, left and right edges are cut and fraying. When sewing, they should be turned under, if the label is not ironed-on. The upper and lower edges are soft and woven. The left and right edges are hot-cut, therefore they can not fray.
Backside: Clearly visible threads on the backside of the text and image. Backside just as frontside, but mirrored (negative) color reversal.

FLEXINERA® (woven professional labels)
Do Flexinera products stretch?
No. Our Flexinera products got their name from the flexible ordering options. Edges, sizes and colors can be freely selected.
What are the technical data of Flexinera?
The various configuration option afforded by our Flexinera are permanently displayed in our webshop. We will constantly optimize our Flexinera products and maintain the current state-of-the-art with regard to modern weaving technology. The weaving technology and all technical data may thus change at any time.
What is the difference between this product and other DORTEX products?

We weave our Flexinera on large broadlooms that are able to produce different sizes, ends and handle up to 6 colors per label. The minimum order quantity is 500 pieces. This is considerably higher than for our other products, therefore the prices per label are considerably cheaper for larger quantities.

Why is Flexinera so cheap despite production in Germany?

We are particularly proud of this!

Due to technology that is unique throughout the world, we are able to send your order directly to the loom, after a quick check by us. This saves unnecessary email traffic, the expensive set-up of the logo for the loom by a designer and the production of an original sample.

For you, this means:

Simple ordering process, short delivery times and a low price.

In this day and age many companies are relocating their production facilities to cheaper countries in Eastern Europe and Asia. We are acting counter to this trend and are able to offer the best-possible price/performance ratio despite producing in Germany.

How precise are the color specifications in the online shop?

Our Flexinera threads have been manually assigned the appropriate Pantone values by specially trained employees at a color temperature between around 5500°K (Kelvin) and 7500°K. The threads, which have no Pantone names, are our own colors.

The RGB values that we use to visualize the selected threads and the preview image have been read from our Flexinara threads at 6500°K using an optical spectrometer and manually optimized. Please note that the representation on your monitor will depend heavily on the configuration you are using.

In the woven label it is possible that threads next to or behind one other may influence the color representation. For a white label with a red logo, the red thread is located behind the white thread and will lend a light pink touch to the background.

What should I remember when selecting threads?

Once you have uploaded your logo, we will use the RGB values in the logo to determine the number of thread colors for your label and recommend you threads that are as close as possible to the colors of your logo. Your label may consist of 2-6 thread colors.

You can change the recommended colors at the touch of a button: In doing so, we will first show you the 15 most similar colors, and by clicking on "ALL COLORS" you can see our entire range of threads. Your label will be thicker and firmer with every additional thread.

If more thread colors are suggested than are actually contained in your logo, then your template is either out of focus or has anti-aliasing. In this instance, it is helpful to reduce the number of thread colors to the desired number of colors.

How precisely will my logo be implemented?

Generally, our preview image will show you exactly, how your labels will be woven.

However, when it comes to Flexinera it is not like printing on paper, the material is a very lively woven label which responds easily to external influences. As a result, it is natural that there may be some very small deviations regarding the aspect ratios of your logo. These primarily occur when your logo has very many color changes and details in a small space.

Generally, extremely small deviations cannot be seen with the naked eye. If your logo contains a circle in combination with fine details or many color changes, a deviation in the proportions may be visible.

What properties should my template have?

The best possible results can be achieved with a vector graphic (.pdf, .ps, .psd, .eps, .ai, .wmf, .emf or .xcf). Alternatively, you can also use a clean image file (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .tif, .tiff, .gif or .giff) with as high a resolution as possible. These files may be zipped to upload. File sizes of up to 50 MByte are possible.

Since we calculate the number and colors of the threads using the colors of your template, your template should contain a maximum of 6 colors.

Many image files contain hundreds of colors along the edge of the motif or the font which creates a softer image on the screen (anti-aliasing). This effect may result in a worse result with our Flexinera system.

Since .jpg files generally contain anti-aliasing, we recommend not using this file type if possible.

CORINERA® (laser-engraved labels)
What can I use Corinera labels for?

Whether as finishing elements for clothing, jackets, hats, bags or key rings, Corinera products are a highlight whatever the application.

What are the material properties of Corinera?

Natural leather tags:

We use leather from young German steers which has been tanned using organic and mineral essences only. Corinera natural leather labels are thus 100% natural, guaranteed free of pollutants and REACH compliant. Since we use complete skins that differ in color, thickness and fat proportions throughout the various body regions, and since the skin of every animal will differ slightly with regard to these factors, we are able to ensure that every label will look slightly different and have its own specific charm.

Since it is a purely natural product, the labels will respond to external influences with visible changes. We recommend avoiding machine washing and ironing. We recommend using dubbin to ensure optimum care of the beautiful natural labels.

The labels are cut to shape using lasers and the images are engraved using laser engraving. The natural leather is 1.2mm thick.

Artificial leather tags:

Instead of the usual PVC coating, our artificial leather labels are 100% polyurethane and free of hazardous substances as well as conforming to REACH. This new generation of artificial leather has a classic leather grain with an antiqued surface and a soft nappa-like quality.

Our artificial leather labels are wear-proof, iron-proof and can be safely washed up to 60°C without damaging the material.

The labels are cut to shape using lasers and the images are engraved using laser engraving. The brown artificial leather is 1.0mm thick, all other colors are 0.8mm thick.

Tags made from poplar wood:

Our wooden tags are made from poplar laminate of the highest quality. The poplar laminate is glued using a glue free from hazardous substances and are thus optimized for indoor use.

The poplar laminate we use remains a natural product and will respond to external influences with visible changes. We recommend avoiding machine washing and ironing.

The labels are cut to shape using lasers and the images are engraved using laser engraving. The poplar laminate is 3mm thick.

On the edges and engraved areas there will be some burn marks which lend our wooden labels a little extra charm.

Tags made from SnapPap:

SnapPap is a robust compound made from cellulose and latex. This modern material is tear and wear proof. If the engraving extends to the edge of the product, this area will be a little less tear proof.

Machine washing, drying or scrunching will create an attractive vintage look. Washing will shrink the labels by only 2%. The labels can be washed at temperatures of up to 60°C (without conditioner) and can be ironed. If desired, the labels can be smoothed out again by steam-ironing the damp label.

The labels are cut to shape using lasers and the images are engraved using laser engraving. The SnapPap material is 0.55mm thick.

What shapes and sizes may my labels have?

You can set the desired height and width precisely to 1mm in the Corinera configuration tool. The minimum and maximum edge lengths will always be displayed in the configuration tool.

In addition, we offer various combinations of holes and shapes suitable for a variety of purposes. Our Corinera are thus ideal for a wide variety of applications. All mounting holes have a diameter of 1.5mm for our labels and 3.5mm for our hangtags.

If you have an idea for a shape and hole combination that we do not currently offer, please contact us. We are always interested in expanding our range.

Can I use my own logo?

Yes! Why not try it out, and upload your own logo. Our preview image will show you exactly how we will produce your Corinera.

Directly after uploading your logo you will be able to choose between five different representation options, in the form of black/white gradients (20-80%). The gradients made available optimize the implementation of multiple color templates and even photographs can be represented.

SATINERA® (printed satin tapes)
How do I create an image file for gift ribbons or satin labels?

The best result is achieved using a vector graphic (.pdf, .ps, .psd, .eps, .ai, .wmf, .emf or .xcf). Alternatively you can use a clean image file (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .tif, .tiff, .gif or .giff) with as high a resolution as possible. File sizes of up to 50 MByte are possible.

If your template has a colored background, pay attention to ensure that no gaps are created at the edges and on motif transitions.

If necessary, you can move your motif or zoom in/out after uploading. You can subsequently change your motif width in the menu item "Size" and "alternative length" .

Can I save my template in my customer account for subsequent orders?

If you have registered as a customer in our webshop, your orders will be saved in your customer area. For subsequent reordering, you can use "order monitoring" to display all your orders and simply reorder.

Are Satinera products washable?

Satinera satin ribbons and labels are wash-proof up to 60°C, lightfast and wear-proof.

Can individual Satinera satin labels be ironed on?

No, that is not possible. But they can be easily sewn into place or secured with our nameFIX .

My logo is not implemented well

Our Satinera individual labels and endless tapes are printed on one side with sublimation inks. Printing onto woven textile tapes offers a considerably higher resolution than weaving, but due to the nature of the material, it cannot be compared to printing on paper.

For a good result, follow these tips:

  • The image resolution should be at least 360 dpi.
  • Fonts should be at least 2mm in size in order to be legible.
  • The line thickness of details should be at least 0.3mm.
  • Frames or horizontal lines should be at least 1mm away from the woven upper and lower edges or at least 1mm in thickness.
  • Fine, light structures or fonts on a dark background should be as thick/bold as possible in order to ensure that details are not lost in printing.

We adopt all of the data of your template while taking into account the image editing options you have selected in the webshop. The look of the finished Satinera will correspond to the quality of your template.

Our preview image will show you exactly what your Satinera fabric labels or endless tapes will look like.

Properties of DORTEX textile labels
What materials are used to create DORTEX textile labels?

Cottonera (cotton tapes):

Our cotton tapes are manufactured from high-quality cotton threads and are subject to constant monitoring. We use only materials that have been certified in accordance with the Öko-Tex® 100 standard. 100% fine cotton thread, Upper Egyptian, 1 A long staple, hand-picked, combed. Untainted by heavy metals, bleached without chlorine, without optical lighteners, electronically cleaned, mercerized, skin-friendly finish, paraffined, free from pesticide and herbicides, dyed to the best of our knowledge with skin-friendly dyes, can be harmlessly composted in terms of human ecology. All of our Cottonera threads are inspected regularly to ensure that they are free of hazardous substances, and our Cottonera Classic labels may even be used for the manufacturing of children's toys in accordance with EN 71-3.

As a special feature, the threads of the "Natural" color of Cottonera Premium are made from completely untreated, unbleached Egyptian cotton. The color nuances will change slightly due to external influences in nature. The slightly yellow color is a sign of quality signifying that it is 100% natural and therefore suitable for the labeling of natural products or products with subtle natural colors.

Polynera (made from polyester thread):

Polynera are woven labels made in Germany using polyester thread on a needle loom. The special weaving procedure enables great flexibility of fonts and icons. The quality of the material and the weaving procedure results in strong, solid colors for the label. Polynera products will thus tend to appear to be a little more colorful than Cottonera products. The upper and lower edges of our Polynera items are woven (not hot cut), making the laundry labels pliable and with no hard edges. Polynera products are boil-proof, color-fast and free from hazardous substances.

Satinera (printed satin ribbon and multi-colored labels):

The tape material for our printed gift ribbons and multi-colored labels consists of double-faced satin ribbon with a woven (not cut) upper and lower edge. It is thus especially soft and gentle on the skin. The products are woven in a German factory, using hazardous substance free polyester yarns. The satin ribbon has a white, quite smooth and silky surface. The tape widths are 15mm and 35mm. Satinera satin ribbons in a width of 15mm are extremely well suited for use as bows, decorative or gift ribbon. Satin ribbon in 35mm is especially well suited for the representation of care instructions.

Flexinera (made from polyester thread):

Our Flexinera is woven in Germany using polyester thread and broadlooms. Thanks to a weaving technology developed specifically for our Flexinera products, we are able to achieve a particularly dense structure, bright colors and very solid labels. All four edges of our Flexinera with center fold are hot cut and thus cannot fray. With our Flexinera products with end fold, two edges are hot cut and two edges have an end fold. Flexinera products are boil-proof, color-fast and free from hazardous substances.

Care labels
What do the various washing instructions and care icons mean?

With our normed care icons, you are able to meet the requirements of the textile labeling obligations even for small quantities. An overview of the washing instructions and care icons can be found in the configuration tool in the menu item “Text”.

A short explanation of the meaning of each icon can be seen if you hover your mouse over the relevant washing instruction or care icon (desktop version).

Can I also order care labels with my logo?

Yes! If you have registered with us, all of your uploaded motifs and logos will be saved in the configuration tool in the menu item "Own logo" under "My logos".

If your motif covers the care icons after insertion, use the arrow keys to move your motif to the left.

How can I change the position of the text and washing instructions?

You can use the menu item "Text" to insert separately, and for each line of text, as many empty spaces as required before and/or after the text.

No additional text may be entered into a line containing the care icons.

What materials the care labels are made of ?

Design your individual care labels with our normed care icons and texts made of cotton (Cottonera) or polyester (Polynera).

Or use your own logo and upload your ready-made care label. Either as a printed fabric label (Satinera) or as a woven professional label (Flexinera).

Woven textile labels with own logo
Can you weave my logo on textile labels?

Yes, this is particularly cost-effective with a single-color motif woven onto cotton tape for Cottonera Classic or polyester tape for Polynera, available quantity as of 30/50 items depending on label height.

Your single-color logo may also be implemented on Cottonera Premium. Here, modern weaving technology and 100% cotton are combined. Woven labels in professional quality with an attractive woven back, either rolled or with end fold, quantity as of 50 items.

We also weave our Flexinera in professional level quality using polyester threads, in variable sizes, edges and with up to 6 colors per label. Runs in excess of 500 items offer the best cost-performance benefit even despite production in Germany.

Can my logo also be woven in multiple colors?

Yes, on Flexinera with worldwide unique technology on wide looms, in many varieties with up to 6 colors per label. Orders as of 500 items.

Maybe you would also like our customized labels and endless tapes made from printed satin ribbon. Our Satinera products use multi-color printing methods ensuring that all colors are possible. Orders as of 1 item.

How can I choose a different color for my logo?

In the configuration tool in the menu item "Colors" choose the colors for the motif  / font after uploading under "Font color" and for the tape under "Background color".

If you are not sure, simply try out a number of different compositions or select one of the two color sets (Cottonera or Polynera) with multiple different, pre-determined color combinations.

How can I edit my logo or motif at a later time?

The logos saved in the configuration tool for Cottonera and Polynera can be accessed again after logging in using the menu item "Own logo" under "My logos" and then used for your orders. During uploading, you specify an "image cut-out" and a "contrast" level. After clicking on "accept" this version will be assigned a "logo-code". Changes to this logo saved with us are then no longer possible.

Your logo will be automatically optimized for the various widths available in our Cottonera configuration tool. For orders on different widths with an already paid for logo code, no logo fee will be charged. (This is a recent change!)

If you wish to edit your logo because you wish to use a different "image cut-out" then you will need your original logo file. Upload this into our configuration tool again and specify the new, modified image cut-out. Then your image will be assigned a new logo code. Only the first order that is triggered with a logo code will be charged the logo fee.

When will the one-off set-up fee be due?

The one-off set-up fee is charged for our woven Cottonera and Polynera labels for the implemented service, namely setting up and optimizing your uploaded logo file for our looms.

While uploading to the configuration tool using the menu item "Own logo" you specify an "image cut-out" and a "contrast" level. After clicking on "accept" this version will be assigned a "logo code". Changes to this logo saved with us are then no longer possible.

As a result of a new automatic adaptation of your custom image with the logo code to all tape widths, no logo fee will be charged when using a logo code that has already been paid for. (This is a recent change!) For some re-orders or orders from third-parties that use this logo code, the motif can be used without a set-up fee just like any of the standard motifs.

If you wish to use another "image cut-out" then you will need your original logo file. Upload this into our configuration tool again and specify the new, modified image cut-out. Now your motif will be assigned a new, different logo code. In this instance, we will again charge the one-off logo fee since set-up and optimization must again be implemented for our looms.

Only the first order that is triggered with a logo code will be charged the logo fee.

Can my logo be combined with a standard font?

Yes! You can use the menu item "Own logo" in our configuration tool which enables you to use your saved own logo or upload a new logo. In addition, in the menu item "Text" you can additionally use one of our (other) standard fonts for each line separately.

If the text covers the motif, enter a number of spaces into the front of the appropriate line of text or move the motif using the arrow keys.

Can I combine my logo with care icons?

Yes! It is possible to use the configuration tool to set up a combination of logo and text with our fonts and/or care icons. The sequence of entry does not matter. You can upload your logo in the menu item "Own logo" under "Upload" or use under "My logos" logos that have already been saved simply by logging in. In the menu item "Text" you can use our standardized care icons.

If your motif covers the care icons after insertion, use the arrow keys to move your motif to the left.

Can I re-order textile labels with my logo?

Yes! This is possible at any time. If you have registered with us, we will save all uploaded logos for our woven labels Cottonera and Polynera in our configuration tool.

It is also possible to do the same using the "Order monitoring" option, and entering the order number and your email address.

It is even easier to do if you store our email containing your order confirmation. You can then simply use the link in the email to call up the order again. You can edit your motif in the configuration tool if you need to. You can change the position of width or even change the product.

When re-ordering with a logo/logo code that has already been paid for, no new set-up fee will be incurred.

My logo is cut off when inserting it

You may have selected a different label height when uploading your motif? Your motif will be automatically adapted to the new width. Please use the arrow buttons to place your logo in the optimum position on the selected label.

My logo is not implemented well

With our woven textile labels your logo is not printed but woven. For this reason, we are unable to weave tiny details. Our special editing programs have been optimized in order to perfectly convert your image templates into loom templates.

For a good result, simply follow these tips:

  • Fonts should be at least 2mm in size in order to be legible.
  • The line thickness of details should be at least 0.3mm.
  • Our weaving is monochrome. If your template has multiple colors and has not been implemented as desired by our software, convert your logo template to a black and white image before uploading.

Can you see a pattern of small dots on your logo?

That is down to the weaving technology. The weaving thread that represents your motif must be incorporated regularly in order for it to be securely connected to the label. This effect can be seen in our preview in the webshop so that you can get as realistic an impression of the result.

Fixture options
What fixture options are available?

Our tapes can be

  • sewn-in. For this purpose, we include an edge on the left and right of the Cottonera name tags that can be tucked under for sewing. Our Polynera fabric labels are hot-cut on the left and right. They will thus not fray and can be sewn in place without turning the edge.
  • ironed on (only Cottonera). For this you have to order Cottonera with the iron-on coating (+ 0).
  • secured using nameFIX. Our patented nameFIX rivets can also be ordered.
    YouTube logoOur video shows how easy it is to use nameFIX »
How are Cottonera laundry labels ironed-on?

The tapes must be ironed at a suitably high temperature. Ironing is carried out by pressing very firmly with a heated iron on the Cotton setting (***) without steam, thus at approximately 200°C, for at least 9 seconds. Position the name tape where you with to apply it, with the writing facing toward you, and press with full force down on the heated iron. You should move the iron back and forth and count slowly from 1 to 10. Then do not touch, simply leave to cool!

For more difficult items, use a damp cloth placed between the iron and the name tape to protect the base fabric from excess heat. When working with a protective cloth, extend the pressing time to about 20 seconds. On elastic, knitted fabrics, secure fixture can only be ensured if the base material is stretched. Wrinkles will occur if ironed without stretching.

If the name tags fall off during washing, they can be reapplied by ironing on again. Iron-on tutorial in the video

Customer account and order history
What are the benefits of registering as a customer?

If you order from us regularly, you will not need to enter your address and payment information every time. But, we also save your orders so that you are able to monitor them and reorder as required.

Our configuration tool (Cottonera and Polynera) also enables you to save an unlimited number of own motifs and logos. These will also be available for subsequent orders.

Is my information safe?

Your information is used solely for the purpose of processing the order and will not be passed to any third parties. You can find out more in our Data protection declaration.

What if I have forgotten my password...
That's not a problem. Simply open the login page and click on the appropriate link to have a new password sent to your email address. Then you can log in with the new password. The customer area of the account allows you to change the password at any time.

Order procedure and shipping
When will I receive my textile labels or gift ribbons?

You can view your order on our website under the menu item "Order monitoring" . The order status will be shown here for each item of your order. If you have registered with us as a customer, this is even easier to do in the customer area of the website.

How long is the delivery time?

The delivery time consists of the time required for production and the time required to ship.

Production time:

Your shopping basket and order confirmation will provide you with detailed information regarding each item. Our production facility does not operate on weekends or public holidays. The production time for woven tapes cannot be predicted precisely since in production we collect orders that use the same colors until they are sufficient in quantity. For rare color combinations therefore, the production time will generally be longer, for more popular color combinations such as red on white, or blue on white, it will be shorter. You could be lucky and the color combination you have chosen in your order may be triggered 5 minutes after your order is received.

Shipping time:

The time required for shipping depends on the selected method and the country being delivered to. A list of all times can be found here.

Why are woven Overnight labels delivered more quickly?
Our Overnight labels are woven on modern high-speed needle looms. If you order by 12:00 midday, we will be able to mail your woven labels on the same day. The labels slide off the loom directly into the envelope.
How are textile labels and satin tapes sent?

Generally tapes are sent as a letter. This keeps shipping costs low and you do not need to be at home to receive the delivery. We only send packages with very large quantities.

How much are the shipping costs?

Since we send name tags as letter mail, we are able to pass the low shipping costs on to you. We charge $2.50 shipping costs worldwide (standard shipping). From $60.00 we deliver free (standard shipping).

How and when do I pay?

You can pay your order by pre-payment, PayPal or credit card. The production of your individual labels starts when we receive your payment.

If you do not like your labels, you are allowed to send the items back to us within 2 weeks and up to an value of $36.00. Once we received your labels, you will get your payment back.

This DORTEX guarantee is something special concerning items which are produced on a customized basis.

Please understand, however, that we only can take back customized items with legitimate complaints in excess of $36.00.

What countries does DORTEX deliver to?

We deliver to all countries of the world.

Credit cards (Eurocard, Visa, AmEx) may be used as payment method anywhere. If the euro currency is available, PayPal may also be used anywhere.

  • For deliveries to Austria, the invoice may be paid using our account with BAWAG P.S.K.
  • For deliveries to Switzerland, we will issue the invoice in Swiss Francs in accordance with the current exchange rate. Our partner bank there is Postfinance.
  • For Germany and other European countries, our bank account in Germany is the relevant one for payments.
  • For deliveries outside Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria, we accept only PayPal and credit cards as methods of payment.

The exact details can be found in Impressum our website.

How can I reorder easily?

If you store our email containing the order confirmation in your email system, you can easily use the link it contains to call up your order, modify the item in our configuration tool and then re-order.

It is also possible to do the same using the "Order monitoring" option, and entering the order number and your email address.

This is even simpler to do if you have registered as a customer. Simply log in and select.

I have received no order confirmation

There are three possible reasons:

  • Our email has landed in your Spam folder. Have a quick look!
  • You have entered your email address incorrectly
  • Your email provider is on a blocked list for known Spam originators

If you want to make sure that your order has been received, please contact us.