Black plastic sliding locks used for wristbands for events   - Item number 2809

Black plastic sliding locks used for wristbands for events

The one-way sliding lock made of plastic provides a high quality and low-cost admission control at events. Threat the closure through the bracelet and fix it at your wrist to your desired range. Thus, you can close it easy and fast without any other instruments.

Color: black
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Item number 2809

Plastic sliding locks for a one-way fastening of fabric wristbands on the wrist

With our practical plastic closures your bracelets can be closed up quickly and safely. Just threat the fabric wristband into the plastic closure and tighten up the festival wristband at your wrist until your desired range has been reached. Further instruments are not necessary. Due to the barbs inserted in the one-way sliding lock another opening not possible, so that the wristbands turn into a security solution for your event.

The plastic closure can only be moved into one direction. It might occur that the bracelet narrows a little bit further when moving.

Not appropriate for children!