Small pin nails silver- or brass-colored

Small pin nails made of 10/12 brass, round-headed, length 10 - 12mm,
package size 50 items

Color: silver / brass; rustproof
Available for immediate delivery

Item number 2132

Round-headed pin nails perfectly coordinated for your labels and signs

With individually laser-engraved labels made of wood or metal, not only your products are finished, you can also use them for labeling, name tags or door signs. Matching the special materials of our labels and signs, we offer you small round-headed decorative nails, nickel-plated (silver-coloured) or brass-coloured as desired. The nails are packed in 50 pieces each.

By the way: When you configure your signs / labels in the configurator, you can also directly order the matching amount of nails.