Laundry labels - Consecutive numbers 15mm

Woven laundry labels with 100 consecutive numbers. Possible values: 1 to 100, 101 to 200, 201 to 300, etc. , 901 to 999.
Red numbers on white tape, 15mm tape width, only for sewing.

Item number 912

Laundry labels - Consecutive numbers 15mm (Item number 912)

Woven laundry labels in classic style

Oeko-Tex<sup>®</sup> certificate

Our laundry labels with red font on a white background are the true classics. Due to the constant demand, we are able to offer these in considerably variety and at a particularly cost-effective price. Whether you wish to label garments or to add a clothing size to an item you have made, here you will find the right option for your needs. They are so retro that they are cool again! And are perfect for use as cost-effective design labels for handmade items.
And while we're on the subject of retro: Our laundry labels are manufactured on the same 150-year old looms as our Cottonera and Basic labels and display the same level of quality. Of course, they are also made from 100% cotton and thus completely boil-proof.
All variations of our red-white labels are always immediately available for delivery. They are sent to you in tape form with marks for cutting and can be folded in at both sides and sewn into place or included in a seam.

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