10 "made with ♥" satin fabric labels

Robust fabric labels made from polyester satin ribbon, with sealed edges, use as sew-on label for handmade items that will be washed in the machine.

Size: 15 x 60mm, rectangular format
Material: Double-faced satin ribbon with silky texture
For sewing, sealed edges
Free from hazardous substances, Made in Germany
Available for immediate delivery

Item number 8801

Textile Labels 2Go ideal for all crafters

Satin fabric label "Made with ♥" in attractive hand-lettered design, printed in multiple colors on our typical high-quality polyester satin ribbon free from hazardous substances. The edges are sealed and cannot fray. The fabric labels 15 x 60mm in size and particularly soft so that they do not scratch or itch. As a result, you can also sew the fabric label inside garments if desired, for example, inside the collar. The clothing labels are best secured left and right with a slightly protruding vertical seam. Our satin labels are boil-proof, wear-proof and colorfast, as well as soft and skin-friendly. They have a white, quite smooth and silky surface.

The set contains 10 printed satin fabric labels "made with ♥".

Would you like to design Satinera fabric labels yourself, according to your own needs? You can do this using our Configuration tool for printed multi-color labels.

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