Woven size labels as range

Woven size labels silver-white on black with a mixture of the four most frequently used sizes S, M, L and XL (US sizes).
Available for immediate delivery

Item number 875

Professional size labels for child and adult clothing

Soft, boil-proof, scratch-proof, lightfast and thus practically indestructible. You will not find a higher quality sizing label anywhere else. Do you make your own clothing, or do you have your own small label? If you do, our size labels are precisely what you need to professionally label your clothing.

With dimensions of 10x40mm and a center fold, they can be easily processed and, when sewn into place, are a subtle 10x10mm in size, and thanks to the ultra-sonar-cut edges, do not scratch the skin – especially important when it comes to clothing for children.
Available either in anthracite on white or silver-white on black, we offer all the current garment and letter sizes, individually or in a selection bag of 50, 100 or 1000 items, available directly from the warehouse. Depending on requirement, the bag contains size labels ranging from XXS to 4 XL, child sizes from 62/68 to 170/176, or adult sizes from 34 to 58.

All sizes are in stock and can be supplied immediately.

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