Set with 10 „Anchor“ natural leather labels

Multi-colored label mix with square natural leather labels made from hazardous-substance-free natural leather,suitable for handmade items, not washable.

Size: 45 x 45mm, square shape
Material: Plant and mineral tanned natural leather,
For sewn application,
Free from hazardous substances, Made in Germany
Available for immediate delivery

Item number 8006

Laser-engraved Labels 2Go ideal for all crafters

Natural label set "anchor"; 45 x 45mm; Natural leather from young German steers. The sew-on leather labels are particularly well-suited to handmade items, whether knitted, sewn or crocheted. Sew-on labels made from real leather are not suitable for machine washing. The leather has been tanned using natural minerals and plants and is guaranteed free of hazardous substances.

The set contains 10 laser-engraved labels, 2 pieces each of white, gray, petrol and red and 1 piece of nature and green

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