Individual name tapes

Your own name tape designs can be used in many different ways: Classically as name tapes for identifying garments and laundry in kindergarten, school or in residential homes - ensuring nothing can be lost or muddled up.

We offer a selection that leaves no desires unfulfilled: From very plain and basic through to bright and glittery, with a motif or with your own logo. In this way, our name tapes can also be used as textile labels for your handmade items.

Are you looking for attractive and high-quality ways of identifying children's clothing, school kit and lunch boxes using individual name labels? Then take a look at mix4kids !

A selection of examples of use you can see here.

Polynera Premium

Hot sealed ends for clean application - These name tapes are particularly suitable for use as traditional-style name tapes for sewing.

  • woven labels from 50 items
  • woven in two colors, strong colors
  • 100% polyester thread
  • size: 15 x 60mm

Polynera Classic

Name labels made of fine polyester yarns. Rolled up for cutting by yourself and sewing on with folded ends.

  • woven labels from 1 items
  • woven in two colors
  • 100% polyester thread
  • size: 12mm x variable length

Cottonera Premium

Modern weaving technology combined with high quality cotton – name tapes of extraordinary quality.

  • woven labels from 50 items
  • woven in two colors, strong colors
  • 100% cotton
  • cut by yourself/end fold

Cottonera Classic

Name tapes made from soft cotton can be sewn into place with the ends folded under or the no-sew version may be ironed into place.

  • woven labels from 30 items
  • woven in two colors
  • 100% cotton
  • variable lengths

Cottonera Basic

Our simple standard version for laundry labeling is offered at a particularly low price.

  • woven labels from 25 items
  • woven, red on white
  • 100% cotton
  • width: 10mm, variable lengths


Elegant and glossy Name tapes made from high-quality polyester satin - skin-friendly and durable

  • fabric labels per item
  • all colors possible
  • multicolor printing
  • variable lengths

For your sew-on name tapes, select from our range of high-quality materials – or choose no-sew iron-on labels made from skin-friendly cotton. No desire to sew or iron? Your name tapes can be affixed in seconds using our patented nameFIX product.

Our woven name labels and printed fabric labels are wash-proof, colorfast and lightfast, and subject, like all of our labels, to regular certified testing for absence of hazardous substances.

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No desire to sew? Your labels can be affixed in seconds using our patented nameFIX .


From pencils to lunchboxes: With our label set nothing will ever be lost again at school and kindergarten.

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