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Examples of use for name tapes

Name tapes, textile labels, laundry labels, woven names, woven labels - many names for the same basic idea: Giving your textiles a customized name. DORTEX offers anyone with a passion for textile design a perfect solution for textile labels tailored precisely to their needs:

Thanks to the multitude of fonts, colors and icons in the webshop configuration tool or the inclusion of your own logo, you can simply design your own labels which will then be made from fabric, leather or wood. Simply design your own label online – even in small quantities.

Name tape - At work

At work

...give work clothing such as coats, overalls, uniforms etc. a custom flair with a special care label..

Name tape - At school

At school

...or in boarding schools, label clothes clearly to make sure nothing gets muddled up. This is easy, thanks to soft and scratch-free woven name labels made from pure cotton , which can also be ironed on.

Name tape - In a kindergarten

In a kindergarten can quickly and easily identify the small owners of hats, scarfs, pullovers and other clothes plus some toys. Practical name labels, high-quality iron-on labels and individual bag tags available as a set by mix4kids.

Name tape - During physical exercise,

During physical exercise,

...where relatively expensive sports clothing is worn, your own name labels are a good method of identifying your things.

Name tape - In the retirement home,

In the retirement home,

...where residents make use of central services, the labeling of clothing is essential. With Cottonera Basic you have long-lasting woven name labels at a low entry price.

Name tape - On holidays or

On holidays or labeled with names has a good chance of finding its way back into the suitcase to go home.

Name tape - Within the family,

Within the family, is clear who owns which item of clothing without need for extensive debate.

Name tape - Crafted items

Crafted items

...look even more high-quality when marked with your own label. Why not give it a go? Labels with your own logo or image can easily be created.

Name tape - As a gift,

As a gift,

...a custom printed gift ribbon is something unusual that will surely be appreciated.

Your DORTEX benefits:

Short-notice orders and changes are implemented quickly.

Quality and service at an ideal cost-performance ratio.

All of our labels and tapes are made in Germany, making DORTEX a unique label provider at this level.

We only use high-quality materials for your self-designed labels. Our Cottonera products, for example, are made from 100% high-quality cotton. The certificates for our labels and tapes can be found at here

Labels for identifying clothing come as sew-on or iron-on labels: according to requirement (iron-on coating available for an additional fee).

Name tapes and laundry labels for fixture: quick and easy labeling of laundry nameFIX, using our flexible fixture system. No sewing or ironing required.